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welcome to twofour54 a world-class entertainment and media hub and home to our community of talented and committed media professionals.

At twofour54 you will find freelance opportunities in media and entertainment for a wide range of roles, in a variety of fields, including film, tv, animation, mobile and gaming.

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great benefits

flexible licence terms

we offer you 6 and 12 months sole proprietor business trade licences

world-class campus

independent access to multiple partners and exposure to leading companies in your industry

training facilities

refine your talents and develop new skills sets with courses at twofour54 tadreeb

service support

access to visa, travel and government services with twofour54 tawasol

easy set-up

submit your application

complete and submit the application form. Our team will review your application, references and documentation

meet our team

upon successful application, you will be invited to meet the Authority and present your passport for an ID check

invitation for ID checking

if successful you will be invited to meet the Authority of ID checking

payment of the fees

payment of the applicable licence fee, the visa fee (for non-GCC nationals)

get licenses and visa

you will be issued with a license and employment visa (non-GCC nationals) which you can convert into a residence visa

start working as a freelancer

please contact the team at with any questions regarding the application process


Mica Colace

freelance photographer

Even in a flourishing city like Abu Dhabi, being freelance is always hard, looking for new clients and putting yourself on the map is never an easy task, especially when re-starting your business in a new country.

Being part of twofour54 community gives me tools to go through this process with more enthusiasm and hope as well as concrete instances to networking with other professionals. I’m happy to report that after almost 2 years I can look back at this journey and realize how much I have grown as a photographer in the region, reached out to more projects with the partners and at the same time enjoy the growth of the community as a whole. I’m really looking forward to the many more exiting opportunities and benefits to come.

Maitri Somaia

freelance writer/director

I have been a twofour54 licensed freelancer since 2010.

The application process was easy and the annual renewal of license is equally straightforward.

A big reassurance is: knowing that I can walk into the customer care centre at any time and be promptly assisted by a twofour54 representative.

One of my favourite features of being a part of the content creation community is attending the “twofour54 connect” networking evenings regularly organised by twofour54 where freelancers and partners have an opportunity to meet and network for future projects.

licencing regulations

1.    If your licence expires or is revoked, your Authority sponsorship will be cancelled.

2.    You can apply to the Authority to request to extend the license term of a 6 month license to the full 12 month license term

3.    You may work in the media zone as a licensed freelancer if you hold both a valid licence and valid Authority sponsorship (for non GCC nationals).

4.    The licence enables you to undertake the specific business activities in the media zone which are stated on your licence.

5.    You can apply to the Authority to request to add additional business activities to your licence.

6.    After the first 3 months of the licence term, you will be asked to complete a review form to provide details of the work you have been doing in the media zone.

7.    You must keep up-to-date records, including financial information, of all the work you have been doing during your licence term.

8.    You must at all times maintain adequate health insurance with an HAAD approved insurer.

9.    As a licensed freelancer, you are personally liable for any debts and other obligations you may incur in carrying out your work.

10.    The Authority has the power to suspend, vary or revoke your license.


The twofour54 freelancer licensing guide

What is a licensed freelancer? 

A licensed freelancer is a media professional who has been licensed by the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi (Authority) to work within the media zone. 

How much does it cost to become a licensed freelancer?

The 6 month licence is AED 1250 and the 12 month licence is AED 2500.
The sponsorship fee for non GCC nationals is approximately AED 3300.

What can a licensed freelancer do?

We have a wide range of media related activities which a licensed freelancer can carry out. Please tell us about what you would like to do in the media zone and we should have an activity to fit you!

Will the Authority sponsor licensed freelancers?

Yes, all non GCC national licensed freelancers must be sponsored by the Authority to work within the media zone. Please note, you cannot be licensed as a freelancer by the Authority whilst sponsored by another UAE company or authority.

How long is the licence term?

We offer 6 and 12 month sole proprietor business trade licences (licence), depending on how long you will be working in the media zone. If you choose a 6 month licence and want to extend it to 12 months, you simply need to pay the additional licence fee. Renewal periods are for 6 months (cost AED 1,250) or 12 months (cost AED 2500).