business activities

Which business activities will your business carry out in the media zone?

content production

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Corporate Film production
  • Corporate Print Material
  • Digital content production (e.g. CGI, 3D etc)
  • Educational content material
  • Film production
  • Gaming development
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Mobile media (e.g. content for interactive media services on mobile phones)
  • Music production and recording
  • Music videos
  • Online electronic content production (e.g. websites, e-books, travel guides etc)
  • Performing arts and theatre
  • Photography/videography
  • Print content production (e.g. magazines, journals, periodicals, newsletters, guides, and handbooks etc)
  • Radio content production
  • Script writing
  • Software development (e.g. applications)
  • Song writing and composing
  • TV production
  • Web design and development (e.g. portal, search engine, community site, web production, online library)

other business activities

  • Branding Agency
  • Events/Festivals
  • Exhibitions/Conferences
  • Information Services (e.g. media related market research)
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media content management (e.g. digital archiving)
  • Post Production (e.g. Film, TV, editing services)
  • Professional Association (e.g. non-profit)
  • Public Relations
  • Rights Management
  • Training (media related)

publishing and broadcasting

  • publish a book
  • publish a magazine
  • publish a newspaper
  • broadcast a satellite/terrestrial television channel
  • broadcast a satellite/terrestrial radio channel

If you have ticked any of the above activities, you will be asked to complete a separate form to apply for a Dissemination License.