Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

A FZ-LLC is an independent legal entity, with individual shareholder(s), corporate shareholders or a mixture of both individual and corporate shareholders.

Are you looking to jumpstart your media business and take advantage of 340 million opportunities in the MENA region and great benefits of twofour54 Abu Dhabi? Then, you are in the right place.

Here is your easy 5-step guide to setting up a FZ-LLC business in twofour54 Abu Dhabi:

Business plan

submit your business plan to get things started

Send us your business plans to set up your business at twofour54 Abu Dhabi.

If you wish to use a template to help you complete the business plan, please download our business plan template here.

Talk to our team

If you have a question, you've decided to take the next step and you're after a bit of advice, we are here to help.

Our team is composed of experienced media professionals and advisors with varied and complementary expertise in media and entertainment sector. During the meeting, they will share their market knowledge about the region, provide you with useful advice, and help you with your business plan. We will assess your business setup plans and advise you on details like office space, IT services and any production facilities you may require. We can outline the benefits of incorporating your company with the Media Zone Authority (such as allowing 100% foreign ownership and tax free benefits), and of joining twofour54’s media and entertainment hub whilst introducing you to our branch set-up and business licensing procedures.

Select office premises and finalize your requirements

Select office premises and finalize your requirements

Once company registration and licensing has commenced, we will agree the terms for the office space you need, which will be reserved for 4 weeks whilst negotiations are finalised. The office options are:

  • Fully serviced: Available immediately.
  • White label: Basic fit-out, with companies providing furniture and equipment.
  • Shell and Core: Full fit out required. For this option, our property managers will work with you to provide guidance on contractors, timelines, regulations and approvals.

Click here for more details on office space options.

Company Registration, Lease Agreement and Business Licensing

Company Registration, Lease Agreement and Business Licensing

You will apply for a Business License for your company. We can assist you and your legal advisors with this legal process, which is administered by the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi (MZA) team to ensure that the required documentation is submitted correctly. As part of the application process, the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi team assists the new company with the opening of a bank account in the UAE. Once your company established and licenced by the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi and lease agreement signed, the new company can start operating in twofour54.

Move in and Get Started

Move in and Get Started. Now you can focus on making your business a success!

Now you can focus on making your business a success! twofour54 government and travel services can help you acquire everything your staff will need to begin life in Abu Dhabi, from visas, medical cover and bank accounts; to support with your housing and travel arrangements. Once you have moved in, you can use our studios and post production facilities, kick around ideas with your neighbours at networking events, receive briefs through twofour54 Briefing Room and access our freelancer pool for talent.

If you wish to set up a business in twofour54 Abu Dhabi, you can contact our team or call +971 2 401 2454.

Our team will assist you by communicating the process and acting as your primary point of contact to support you through the registration steps

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