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We provide perfect location and business set up options for your business, big or small, to thrive and prosper

twofour54 Abu Dhabi –subsidiary of Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi (MZA), is a media free zone has been established to provide a business hub for local, regional and international media companies; start-ups and media professionals.

Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi (MZA) approves the establishment and registration of companies in the media free zone and regulates all related procedures and matters.

Types of setup

Ready to start your business? There are a number of business set up options at twofour54 that you can choose from when starting or expanding your business. twofour54 media zone offers you one of the following types of setup:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

A FZ-LLC is an independent legal entity, with individual shareholder(s), corporate shareholders or a mixture of both individual and corporate shareholders.


A Branch is a representation of an existing UAE-based or foreign company incorporated in another jurisdiction or free zone.

Freelancers (for individuals only)

The Freelancer Licensing offers individuals the ability to operate as a freelance media professional (sole proprietor) within the twofour54 media & entertainment hub.


This option is only offered to content creation entrepreneurial start-ups which are in the business of digital content creation (mobile, online, device content) and A/V content production for TV, web and cinema.

Comparison chart

Types of Setup License Fee by MZA Registration Fee (one-time only)
FZ-LLC AED 15,000
(waived in full)
AED 3,500
(waived in full)
Branch AED 15,000
(waived in full)
AED 3,500
(waived in full)
(for individuals only)
6 months: AED 2,250
(waived in full)
12 months: AED 4,500
(waived in full)

Office Types No. of Activities No. of employees Office space
Private office space Up to 5*** Varies depending on office space**  Starting from AED 50,000 per annum **
Serviced Desk 2 2 AED 25,000 per annum (+ AED 2,500 security deposit)
Hot-Desk 1 2 AED 20,000 per annum
Entrepreneurs & Khalifa Fund 1 2 Virtual

Applicable to all types of setup (except in relation to Freelancers):

P.O. Box Min. Capital Requirement
AED 1,250 + VAT AED 1

Prices are in United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) and subject to confirmation & availability.
** Depends on availability of desired office type/size at the time of application
*** Number of activities is subject to approval, any additional activity will be charged 1,000 AED per activity