why Abu Dhabi?

Home to nearly 3 million people from all over the world, Abu Dhabi is a place where you will find the best work/life balance.

By setting up your business here, you will be in:

A thriving business environment:

  • the capital of the UAE, home to all federal government offices
  • the wealthiest Emirate of the UAE in terms of GDP and per capita income that:
    • - contributes 65% of the UAE’s economy
    • - was voted No. 1 in the Arab world for ‘ease of doing business’, by the World Bank in 2018
    • - with cutting-edge infrastructure and economic growth
    • - and direct flights to the world’s major capitals
  • the largest Emirate - accounting for 87% of UAE territory
  • Because of the strategic location between East and West, Abu Dhabi covers a 24-hour business clock
  • The country is multi-cultural and English speaking
  • Economic plans have been announced for Abu Dhabi in June 2018 aimed at accelerating the economic growth of small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • Registration and licence fees are now waived to all new businesses and freelancers for their first two years, effective from 1st December 2018.

A great place to live in:

  • a vibrant cultural scene supported by world-class museums such as Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim and many art galleries
  • a family friendly environment:
    • - ranked No. 1 safest city in the world by Numbeo
    • - voted the 2nd happiest place in the world to live
    • - with five-star resorts and beach clubs for fine-dining or indulgent weekends.
  • home to the best performing schools from each part of the world
  • a rich historical and archeological presence with the UAE’s first UNESCO world heritage site
  • a place with sunshine throughout the year and beaches at your doorstep.

Abu Dhabi is a growing city in constant development. Come and join our creative community!

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