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twofour54 careers training and development

We aim to develop globally competitive leaders

We provide first-class training and development to attain the highest standards of business practice and ethics. At twofour54, we aim to develop globally competitive leaders and support the progression of our team at all levels.

Our goal is to provide all of our employees with the tools they need for their careers to flourish so we take a proactive approach to training and development. Everyone is given a wide-range of training and development opportunities that have been specifically designed to help them grow professionally and personally; helping them expand their technical expertise, improve their communication skills, and to gain a better understanding of our business.

The type of training we provide includes:

  • Full-time job at twofour54 or one of our partners
  • Internships
  • Volunteer programmes
  • Entrepreneurship schemes
  • Incubator seed funding
  • Training programmes
  • Freelancer programmes
  • Setting up own business within the zone

Every year, the performance of all employees is formally reviewed and appraised. The competency-based appraisal system provides a framework for managers to monitor and improve the performance of their team so they can reach optimum results, and evaluate the career path of their employees.