Legal Counsel Regulatory Affairs ( Freelancer ) 6 Months

department Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
contract type Freelance
city Abu Dhabi
country United Arab Emirates
job number 160234
closing date

Legal Counsel

Develop and oversee the procedures for incorporating companies/establishing branches and freelancers.

Develop and oversee the business licensing procedures for companies, branches and freelancers both for new licenses and renewals.

Develop and oversee the procedures for issuing and renewing dissemination/broadcast licenses including liaising and coordinating with the National Media Council as appropriate.

Oversee the team’s management of the annual filings to be provided by companies to ensure compliance with the MZA regulations.

Oversee the teams management of all regulatory aspects of an MZA registered company/branch lifecycle including changes to shareholdings, management, business activities…etc

Develop, communicate and implement policies and procedures relating to all regulatory aspects of the lifecycle of companies/branches/freelancers.

Engage with the National Media Council, as appropriate, to facilitate policies and procedures relating to dissemination/broadcast licensing.

Set licensing fees and other services pricing strategies.

Oversee the implementation and use of the MZA’s Compliance Procedures effectively to ensure company/branch/freelancer’s compliance with the MZA regulations and policies.

Make recommendations as to sanctions for noncompliance of companies/branches with MZA regulations and policies.

Provide leadership and management support for the team including developing and implementing strategy, work allocation, developing and maintaining best practice, career development, performance evaluation, inspiring and motivating team, providing mentoring and feedback, and training.

Actively participate in development initiatives related to the regulation of media.

Facilitate implementation of relevant government initiatives as they relate to operations of the free zone and activities of companies and branches.

Manage content review elements of the MZA function including leading on all English content review for the MZA.

Providing feedback to licensees to assist them with script approval from the NMC

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