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The UAE Golden Visa

Launched in late 2020, the prestigious and widely sought-after UAE Golden Visa continues to generate buzz and excitement.

So far, over 100,000 Golden Visas have been issued to professionals, students, entrepreneurs, athletes, creatives and various other exceptional candidates who are all living, working and studying across the UAE.

Below, we cover all you need to know about the UAE’s Golden Visa, including the benefits it brings, what it costs and how you can apply.


What is the UAE’s golden visa?


This groundbreaking scheme enables foreign talents to live, work or study in the UAE without having a national sponsor for up to ten years.

While all standard residency visas for international workers must be renewed every two or three years, the Golden Visa can last a whole decade. Plus, as long as the recipient still fulfils all the requirements, it can also be renewed for another 10 years upon expiry.

However, Golden Visas should not be confused with Emirati citizenship, which can only be granted by the UAE government, or royal court officials.

The following professions are eligible to apply for a UAE Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists
  • Specialists in engineering and science
  • Humanitarian pioneers
  • Outstanding students and graduates
  • Doctors and frontline heroes
  • Athletes
  • Creative specialists in culture and art
  • Executive directors

Can a golden visa holder sponsor his or her family?


Yes, one of the most attractive benefits of the UAE’s Golden Visa is that recipients can sponsor their spouse and children, regardless of how old they are. Furthermore, if the visa holder passes away, their family can still remain living in the UAE until the visa expires.

What other golden visa UAE benefits are there?


Aside from the obvious advantage of having a 10-year residency and none of the expenses and admin involved with regular renewals, there are a number of other perks and benefits that come with the golden visa.

  1. Greater employment freedom

Unlike those on regular UAE working visas, Golden Visa holders are not required to gain local employment or have a national sponsor. Instead, they have the option of working for themselves, working for international companies, or setting up their own business with 100 percent ownership.

  1. Extended overseas time

Golden Visa recipients can spend more than six months out of the country at a time without facing any penalties.

  1. Sponsored domestic helpers

Golden Visa recipients can sponsor and employ an unlimited number of domestic helpers.


What are the UAE golden visa requirements?


The requirements for each Golden Visa category are slightly different.

For example, real estate investors must own properties worth more than
AED 2 million, and people with ‘specialised talents’, such as inventors, engineers or creatives, require a letter of recommendation from a government entity.


How to apply for golden visa UAE

Endorsed applicants who already have a UAE residency can apply for their Golden Visa through twofour54’s Tawasol department.

You must be inside the UAE from the moment you pay your application fees, and you can only leave the country once the entire process has been completed.

The Tawasol team will guide and support you through every step of the application procedure. First, they’ll ask you to submit a number of documents and pay the required fees, and then they’ll apply for the initial approval of your Golden Visa on your behalf.

twofour54 will also tell you when and where you should go for your medical screening, and notify you when your residency status has been changed, and your Emirates ID is ready for collection. 


What is the cost of a 10-year golden visa in the UAE?


If you are applying through twofour54, the following fees apply:

Normal fees

All inclusive: AED 4,723
Without VIP medical screening: AED 4,523

Fast track fees

All inclusive: AED 5,723
Without VIP medical screening: AED 5,223

  • Once the payment has been processed, twofour54 will apply for the initial approval of the Golden Visa on your behalf.
  • Upon submitting your completed application, UAE residents will also need to cancel their current residency.
  • Any dependents on the same residency should also be temporarily placed on hold until the main Golden Visa process is completed.
  • You can manage the hold request through the ICP self-service portal, or ask twofour54 to manage the process on your behalf.

Hold service fees:

Refundable deposit to immigration: AED 5,000*
Service charges: AED 480*

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT.


For more information about the UAE Golden Visa, please contact our Golden Visa team on golden.visa@twofour54.com.

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