3 game development myths you should know

Game development has boomed in popularity over recent years and now the industry offers a great variety of creative, profitable and fulfilling careers.

However, there’s still a lot of speculation and uncertainty around what skills you need in order to work in this very lucrative sector.

So, to help you work out whether working in this up-and-coming area is really for you, we’ve decided to put a few game development myths to rest, once and for all. There are so many wonderful roles within the gaming sphere, and we think it’s such a shame that talented individuals are potentially being put off from exploring the opportunities it offers due to rumours that simply aren’t founded in truth.

In fact, this issue is more important than ever.

Abu Dhabi’s gaming industry is about to be given a huge boost with the arrival of twofour54’s new initiative Abu Dhabi Gaming (AD Gaming).

Designed to make the emirate’s gaming and esports ecosystems explode like never before, it’s supported by gaming giants Unity Technologies, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League, Emirates Esports Association and the Media Zone Authority. AD Gaming isn’t only good news for players; it’s also going to help game developers and businesses enormously.

Plus, as well as bringing a calendar of year-round gaming events to Abu Dhabi, it will work to develop regional talent (like you) and help people make their first professional steps in the world of gaming.

So, with now being a particularly exciting time for gaming in Abu Dhabi, here are three common myths about gaming development, and why you should take no notice of them.


You have to be a gamer to work in the video game industry: FALSE


As with any job, it’s definitely important to have a basic understand of the product you’re developing or the industry you’re in. But, just because you don’t live and breathe gaming, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a valuable contribution to video game development.

Having artistic, technical and problem-solving skills is actually far more important than being a good player. It’s also no good getting top scores all the time if you have no idea about how coding, virtual reality, script writing or graphic design actually work.

Many people from all works of life are now entering the gaming industry because of the opportunities it provides. Amazingly, according to Newzoo Global Games Market Report, the current worth of the global video game industry is now fast approaching $200 billion, and it’s predicted to grow to a massive $300 billion by 2026 (according to the Mordor Intelligence Report, 2020).

Plus, if you’re willing to return to education in order to gain skills that are relevant to the gaming industry, than you might have some fresh opportunities coming up in the next few years.

AD Gaming’s partnership with Unity Technologies will see the successful business work with Abu Dhabi University, NYU Abu Dhabi and Higher Colleges of Technology and University of Sharjah to train staff in teaching courses about AI, virtual reality, game development and coding skills. AD Gaming will then help connect the students with gaming and esports partners, and assist them with gaining real industry experience.


Realistic Graphics Mean a Better Game: FALSE


Just like movies, music or television shows, your favourite type of video game art is purely down to personal preference. There isn’t one particular style that’s better than all the rest.

For instance, many people find that low poly, or 2D games have far more than depth to them than those that only use more realistic graphics. So, if that’s the style of the art you like to produce then don’t start thinking that it doesn’t still have a place.

As part of AD Gaming, start-ups and aspiring gaming professionals will be able to take part in a range of talent development and business support programmes. So, if you’re looking to learn more about gaming graphics or gain specific skills, keep watching this space for more details.


Only programmers are successful in the video game industry: FALSE


Sure, programmers are an extremely important part of any game development team, but in reality, they would be nothing without the rest of their colleagues and partners.

When it comes to creating video games, game designers, artists, sound engineers and story writers are all just as essential as the programmers.

As part of AD Gaming, we’re about to see an influx of new gaming companies descend on the UAE’s capital, and with them they’ll bring a whole host of new job opportunities for people will all kinds of different creative and technical talents.

We’re sure you’ll be excited to learn that 15 fresh and exciting gaming and esports businesses will be joining Yas Creative Hub when it opens later this year, including the Emirates Esports Association, Boss Bunny, Kashkool Games, Khousouf Games, RobocomVR and many others.

Not only that, but twofour54’s new home, Yas Creative Hub, will include a purpose-built Gaming Hub, operated in partnership with industry giant Unity Technologies and offering the perfect place to meet others in the gaming industry, swop ideas and collaborate.


For more information about AD Gaming, check out twofour54’s press release here.