Are coworking spaces suitable for SMEs?

Are coworking spaces suitable for SMEs?

In today’s rapidly changing world, more and more professionals are choosing to start their own business, rather than work for large corporations. This, along with the global rise in freelancing and remote working, has led to increasing numbers of coworking spaces popping up across the globe.

Here in Abu Dhabi, twofour54 is proud to introduce the region to two new state-of-the-art coworking spaces that are perfect for SMEs.  Found in the at the freshly opened Yas Creative Hub campus, they provide everything that entrepreneurs need to set up their new business, develop it, network and ensure that the success of their company continues to rise.

So, what exactly is a coworking space and why are they so suited to SMEs? In this blog, we cover all you need to know about coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi, and why the Community Hub memberships are specifically designed with small business owners in mind.

What is meant by coworking space? 

To put it simply, a coworking space is an office environment where small businesses and freelancers from different sectors can come together to work and utilize various facilities.

Allowing creatives and entrepreneurs to use a workspace without having to rent and furnish their own private office, coworking spaces are innovative and forward-thinking destinations that encourage collaborations between small business owners by providing shared spaces for discussions and dialogues, and interconnected workstations.

Is a coworking space worth it? 

There are many advantages to starting your small business from the coworking spaces at the Community Hub. Found in the centre of Yas Creative Hub, the region’s first purpose-built development for entertainment, media and gaming in the region, this cutting new-edge facility contains two amazing new coworking spaces.

is a stylish, practical and versatile coworking space that has been carefully curated to include everything that SMEs need to prosper and thrive. Not only does every membership include your own spacious and comfortable desk area, but they also come with access to printers, meeting rooms, brainstorming spaces, lounge areas, vending machines and phone-booths.

Kitted out with the latest technologies and offering 70 fully connected workstations, Co-create lets business owners’ network and work side-by-side with the region’s most ingenious entrepreneurs and up-and-coming brands, and break out for private discussions when needed in the meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, for those on a tighter budget, offers 10 inviting workstations, and access to printers, scanners and lockers. The membership rates are highly competitive, and this ensures that Co-lab is an accessible option for everyone in the creative, media and entertainment industries.

Coworking at Co-Create and Co-lab also offers a number of other advantages:

  • Added inspiration – Working around many successful and driven professionals can be highly inspiring. Lots of people find that being around others who are really concentrating and working hard encourages them to knuckle down and focus.
  • Enlightening discussions – Coworking spaces offer plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas off other like-minded business owners. Hearing other opinions can really help you shape and develop your business, and you’re bound to gain valuable input that you wouldn’t ever receive whilst working alone at home.
  • Your own dedicated working space – Just stepping out of your front door and entering a different environment can really boost your productivity levels. Many people also find that their mental health benefits from being able to separate their ‘work time’ from their ‘down time’, and from having a dedicated working space that is different to the place where they live.
  • Collaborations and networking – Arguably the biggest advantage of coworking is the many collaboration opportunities it presents. Using the coworking spaces in the Community Hub lets you work alongside the region’s top talents in entertainment, media and gaming, and the spaces have been specifically designed to encourage conversations and connections. You might meet your next business partner at the Community Hub, or connect with someone who has the skills you need to take your business to the next level.
  • No distractions – The Community Hub invites creatives to get to work at their own comfortable and spacious workstation, and enjoy having no household chores, pets, children, partners or family members to distract them.

What does a coworking space offer? 

Along with the many mental stimulants listed above, the coworking spaces at the Community Hub also include a whole array of cutting-edge facilities and extra perks. Every membership includes in-house support from our experienced team, open invitations to an exciting calendar of business and social events, and use of high-speed Wi-Fi that will never falter or let you down.

Located on Yas Island, working at the Community Hub also puts you just a short walk away from all the many bars and restaurants of Yas Bay, so you have plenty of places to socialize and eat with your fellow coworkers or colleagues. The twofour54 membership access card too gives perks such as discounts to restaurants in the surrounding area.

It’s also a well-connected destination that’s just a 15-minute drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and roughly an hour from Dubai.  Not only that, but coworking at the Community Hub also comes with an array of highly useful and exciting coworking Shared Spaces that are ideal for SMEs.

This includes the following;

  • This multifunctional flexible space invites creatives to showcase their latest projects on a large display screen with enhanced audio systems.
  • Seating over 150 people, the Town Hall is ideal for large-scale talks, meetings and workshops
  • Media Break Room – This fully equipped area is designed for media professionals and content creators who want to prepare and shoot interviews.
  • This professional screening room comes complete with a soundproof system, and room for around 40 people.
  • A place to relax, take a break and network with other small business owners who may be able to help you boost the success of your own small business.
  • The enduring Emirati symbol of dialogue and consultation in Emirati culture, the Majlis serves as a stylish space for high-profile meetings and gatherings.
  • Home to 10 powerful stations that harness industry leading GPUs and come paired with cutting-edge driver technology.

Is coworking space cheaper? 

For lots of us, this is perhaps the most important question of all. When you are starting your own business, we know that every dirham is precious and you have to think carefully about how you invest your profits. However, you will be happy to hear that the Community Hub coworking spaces offer excellent value money and a cheap and attractive option for small businesses.

With our coworking spaces you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on renting, furnishing and paying for utility bills for your own private office. Instead, all the facilities and services you need to grow your business and achieve your goals are included in one annual or monthly sum. There are no sneaky added extra fees, and you are welcome to use the coworking spaces at any time of day or night, and for as long as you like.

To find out more about the coworking spaces at twofour54’s Community Hub, please visit the coworking page on our website.