Benefits of Dolby Vision certified post-production facilities | twofour54

How you can benefit from Dolby Vision certified post-production facilities at twofour54

dolby vision certified facility

twofour54’s staff is fully trained and the premises are fully equipped to meet the post-production needs for colour-grading and mastering Dolby Vision HDR content.

This industry-leading technology ensures that the content created in our editing suite stays enhanced across the wide variety of mediums in use today – from TVs to mobiles and laptops. Dolby Vision brings extraordinary colour, contrast, and brightness to the screen, transforming the experience of watching TV shows and films on devices.

twofour54 is the first certified Dolby Vision facility in the UAE, in an endeavor to achieve highest global standard for the content created in Abu Dhabi’s media hub – in both Arabic and English.

Such high-quality content would be fit for release on digital streaming platforms, Netflix or Amazon Prime, opening up even more channels for content creators in Abu Dhabi.


What does this mean for producers, and how can they benefit from it?

Dolby Vision certification allows users of twofour54’s facilities to include more detail and depth, heightening realism and enhancing the viewing experience. The transition from standard dynamic range to Dolby Vision HDR is as revolutionary as the transition from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD). Pankaj Kedia, managing director of emerging markets at Dolby Laboratories, said that twofour54 “are now able to support studios and content creators with leading-edge tools that are deployed at the company’s world-class post facility. Dolby Vision is the preferred HDR mastering workflow for leading studios and a growing number of content creators, and hence this latest offering demonstrates twofour54’s commitment to make Abu Dhabi a preferred location for film and TV production.”

For colour grading of movies and episodic content, Dolby has created a workflow that generates shot by shot dynamic metadata that allows filmmakers to see how their content will look on consumer devices. The colouristcan then add “trims” to adjust how the mapping looks and also deliver a better looking SDR version for content providers serving early Ultra HD (UHD) televisions that are capable only of SDR reproduction.

Since the inception of twofour54 in 2011, our post-production facility has created a vast amount of high-quality content for audiences across the world. Becoming a Dolby Vision certified facility strengthens our position within the international media industry and will only enhance the quality of content produced at its world-class facilities by talented producers.