4 reasons you need to film at twofour54 studio video production facilities

Studio video production at twofour54

So, you have come up with an idea for a project and your next job is the very important task of deciding where to film it.

Now, whether this is your first video creation, or you are a seasoned industry professional, every film producer knows that settling on a location is no small task. Securing top facilities, enough space, and skilled crew are all key factors in the overall success of your project – the exceptional services at competitive rates are a great advantage too.

So, here are 4 reasons why you should use twofour54’s studio video production facilities for your next filming project. We’ve got everything you need to put together an award-winning commercial, TV series or a cinematic masterpiece, right in the heart of the capital of the UAE.


1. World-class studio video production facilities


Instead of dashing around from one end of the city to the other in search of the perfect shot, why not save yourself the time and hassle and use our purpose-built video production studios instead?

twofour54’s state-of-the-art broadcast studios and desert backlot allow you to mimic any scenery or location that you desire. It is the perfect way of telling your story, without having to factor in all the complications that come with filming on location.

Our seven film production studios each come with a full-production gallery, green room and dedicated make-up and dressing rooms. They’re also fully soundproofed with lighting rigs, soft ‘cycs’ and 4×4 metre ‘elephant doors’ that allow full drive-in access for vehicles.

Meanwhile, our 300,000 sqm backlot is perfect for any desert-based dramas or action pieces. Allowing you to create the most authentic Bedouin landscape you could imagine, it includes a range of standing sets and a large construction area, plus on-site support facilities such as costumes, make-up and dressing rooms, production offices and a canteen.


2. Access to quality talent


Looking to hire some extra hands to assist you with your project? We can help you out with that, too.

twofour54 is the heart of the Abu Dhabi freelancer community, and we have a registered network of over 1000 creative individuals who are all looking to make new connections with people like you. Whether you’re looking to hire a line producer, PA, photographer, camera assistance, make-up artists, gaffers or grips, we’ll put you in touch with the best talents who will help you to bring your project to life.

On top of that, we also have a highly skilled in-house technical and operations team available for hire. With a wealth of global experience, you will not find more a dynamic, passionate, and driven production team anywhere in the UAE, or even the world. Plus, if you’re heading out of the studio, they’ll help you scout out the best locations in Abu Dhabi, an Emirate that they know like the back of their hands.


3. 30 percent cash back on production costs


With state-of-the-art film production studio facilities and an expert crew, the studio video production facilities at twofour54 have always offered excellent value for money.

But, right now, you can get even more for your hard-earned dirhams than ever before…

This is because the Abu Dhabi Film Commission have decided to offer a very generous 30 percent cashback rebate on production costs. It’s the only film and television government agency in the Middle East and North Africa to offer such an incentive.

The cashback rebate is applicable to money spent on feature films, television dramas, commercials, music videos and other television formats, plus digital content services and visual effects (PDV) services. Producers of short-form productions, such as television commercials (TVCs) can also benefit from an express rebate.


4. Enjoy the incredible experience of living and working in Abu Dhabi


The capital of the UAE has so much to offer anyone working in the media industry. As well as multiple career opportunities, it also provides a wonderful lifestyle and year-round sunshine and blue skies.

Outside of twofour54, the city’s established media hub, you’ll find a plethora of luxurious hotels, fine dining restaurants, and incredibly diverse landscapes such as golden beaches, majestic skyscrapers, world-renowned museums and breathtaking cultural monuments.

With the natural beauty of the Eastern Mangroves National Park, the endless stretch of the Rub’ al Khali desert, the awesome Louvre Abu Dhabi, world-class theme parks, and the gorgeous walkways of the Abu Dhabi Corniche – it is a fantastic place to work and live.

It also helps that the government is super supportive of the region’s film and television industry, and that the Emirate is very friendly and welcoming towards film makers and creative individuals.

The city offers first-class healthcare and education, plus efficient infrastructure that makes every aspect of your stay easy and stress free. Furthermore, if you need to travel for work or leisure, Abu Dhabi airport provides flight connections to every corner of the globe.


Virtual events for all ages


With safety remaining a concern as the world recovers from the pandemic, we are incredibly proud to bring a range of innovative virtual events and platforms to the region.

Allowing film producers and people, of all ages, who are interested in the media world to enjoy incredible experiences from the comfort and safety of their homes has been a great advantage and during July 2021, the twofour54 Virtual Summer Camp will return for the second year running.

During this exciting programme young talents are invited to try their hands at different filming techniques and get a first taste of what it’s like to work in the world of media. Young people aged between 10 to 15 are invited to have a go at practical skills like editing, photography, filming and putting the final touches on videos, and explore what it takes to create successful branding, podcasts and storyboards.

So, if you’re thinking of moving here with family while you complete your film production, make sure to check out our range of virtual events.


You can find out more about twofour54’s studio video production facilities here.