Flexible working office space vs. Coworking spaces – what do you need?

Freelancers working on a Flexible Working Office Space

The pandemic prompted us to reflect and reevaluate our views on many things, including the way we work.

With almost all businesses switching to remote working models for months on end, the global crisis highlighted that employees don’t need to spend five days a week in the office in order to be productive and focused.

So, even now that the world is returning to ‘normal’, more and more companies are exploring alternative working models, such as flexible working office spaces and coworking facilities.


What are flexible working office spaces and coworking spaces?

Flexible working office spaces and coworking spaces allow businesses, SMEs and freelancers to work alongside other entrepreneurs and talents, and feel part of a vibrant and successful community.

Coworking is the most innovative and versatile form of flexible working. Coworking lounges are inspiring environments where small professionals and brands from all sectors are invited to work in the same space and share facilities.

Coworking spaces are also specifically designed to encourage new connections and collaborations; this makes them particularly popular amongst freelancers and small business owners.

For example, twofour54’s Community Hub, found right in the centre of the newly opened Yas Creative Hub campus in Abu Dhabi, contains an array of state-of-the-art coworking spaces.


What is the Community Hub?

A unique and youth-driven space, twofour54’s Community Hub invites entrepreneurs from every kind of creative industry to drive their ideas forward, realise their full potential, and achieve more within one bright and creative coworking facility.

At the heart of Abu Dhabi’s thriving ecosystem for start-ups, freelancers and independent creators, the Community Hub contains cutting-edge coworking spaces such as hot desks, networking hubs, break rooms, meeting rooms and screening facilities.

It is ideal for those who want to connect, create and collaborate with like-minded talents in industries that are related to their own.


What coworking facilities are included in the Community Hub?

Found within Yas Creative Hub, the region’s first purpose-built development for entertainment, media and gaming in the region, the Community Hub offers a vast array of coworking spaces and facilities.

This includes the following:


This expertly designed coworking space is ideal for small businesses. Spread across one vast and spacious room, it contains 70 desks that each come with access to printers, meeting rooms, brainstorming spaces, lounge areas, vending machines and phone-booths. Kitted out with the latest technologies, it is one of the most cutting-edge and progressive coworking spaces in the region.


Meanwhile, Co-lab is an accessible space that offers competitive membership rates. It invites freelancers, entrepreneurs and creators to plug in, focus and really get to work at 10 dedicated workstations. While the facilities are slightly less comprehensive than the ones offered at Co-Create, Co-Lab memberships still come complete with comfortable desks and furniture, plus printers, scanners and lockers.

In addition, members at both Co-Create and Co-Lab can enjoy 24/7 access to the Community Hub, stylish hot desks, in-house support, open invitations to an exciting calendar of business and social events, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Shared Spaces

Designed to harness the power of the local creative community and make maximum its knowledge, resources, and growth opportunities, the Community Hub also boasts a wide selection of useful and exciting coworking Shared Spaces.

  • Demo Hall – This multifunctional flexible space invites creatives to showcase their latest projects on a large display screen with enhanced audio systems.
  • Town Hall – Seating over 150 people, the Town Hall is ideal for large-scale talks, meetings and workshops
  • Media Break Room – This fully equipped area is designed for media professionals and content creators who want to prepare and shoot interviews.
  • Screening Room – This professional screening room comes complete with a soundproof system, and room for around 40 people.
  • Breakout Lounge – A place to relax, take a break and connect with the wider creative community.
  • Majlis – The enduring Emirati symbol of dialogue and consultation in Emirati culture, the Majlis serves as a stylish space for high-profile meetings and gatherings.
  • NVIDIA Studio – Home to 10 powerful stations that harness industry leading GPUs and come paired with cutting-edge driver technology.


What are the benefits of flexible office spaces and coworking spaces?

Coworking and flexible spaces such as the Community Hub bring multiple benefits.

This includes:

  • Reduced costs – The competitive membership rates for Co-Create and Co-Lab offer all the facilities and services you need to grow your business and achieve your goals. Both present options that are far less costly than renting and furnishing your own private office, and they also include no added expenses such as utility bills.
  • Comprehensive facilities – The Community Hub offers a whole range of shared spaces, facilities and extra perks.
  • More variety – Coworking suits those who easily get bored of a set routine and feel refreshed and invigorated when working in different environments. For instance, the Community Hub provides lots of different spaces where professionals can work and socialise together.
  • Collaborations – Arguably the biggest advantage of coworking is the many collaboration opportunities it presents. Using the coworking spaces in the Community Hub lets you work alongside the region’s top talents in entertainment, media and gaming, and the spaces have been specifically designed to encourage conversations and connections.
  • Comfortable working arrangements – The Community Hub invites creatives to get to work at their own comfortable and spacious workstation, or rent meeting rooms and other innovative spaces that are ideal for discussions and group projects.

As you can see, flexible working spaces and coworking spaces are both exciting and advantageous options for those who are looking for a more creative and inspiring alternative to traditional 9-to-5 office working environments.

Find out more about coworking and get in touch with the team at the Community Hub here.