How to start a small business with twofour54

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Offering a glorious climate, easy lifestyle and fascinating culture, living in Abu Dhabi holds many attractions. With a thriving, 24-hour economy, it’s also a great place to set up a small business.

Our dedicated business development team ensures that the process is easy and stress free. Taking applicants through the process step-by-step, they’re also available to answer any questions and help with logistical tasks like finding the perfect office space.

twofour54 provides an inspiring environment where like-minded media and entertainment businesses are invited to come together to ‘innovate, collaborate, and create’. We’re proud to have helped so many great businesses start their journey and we’re always looking for more brands to come and join our growing community.

Waived licence fees and more

So many people choose to set up a small business with twofour54 for a number of reasons.

Amongst other benefits, successful applicants maintain 100 percent business ownership, pay absolutely no corporate tax and perhaps most importantly, enjoy fully waived licence and registration fees for the first two years.

Licence fees from the Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority are normally AED 15,000 for a new business or a new company branch and AED 4,500 for 12-months and AED 2,225 for six months for freelancers.  Then on top of these are the registration fees, charging AED 3,500 for both new businesses and new business branches. But with us, these licences can be gained free of charge.

In addition, many business owners find that the twofour54 networking events provide numerous benefits.

Featuring over 600 international and local companies, these informative gatherings are great for sourcing new business opportunities and making fresh connections. Throughout the year, business workers are also invited to use twofour54’s online platforms to help them find new work leads.

Business expansion and freelancing opportunities

Through twofour54, it’s possible to expand existing businesses and open new branches, both for UAE-based companies and for those overseas.

Freelancers are able to set themselves up through us too. Working as a freelancer is another popular option in the UAE capital as it offers a flexible way of working and through twofour54’s special freelance relations team, freelance companies are able to secure getting their licence.

Furthermore, freelancers also come to us for help finding new work. With a huge network of regional and international partners, and close relationships with a number of government entities, our freelance team are ideally placed to search out any potential new contracts or clients. Learn more about becoming a freelancer with twofour54 here.

How to set up a small business in three easy steps

As I mentioned above, setting up a small business with twofour54 is a quick and simple process.

Whether you’re launching your company as an individual, with corporate shareholders or as a mixture of the two, we’ll help you set up as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC).

The process involves three simple steps; firstly, applicants will need to submit their business form or plan, then they’ll need to sign the required commercial, legal and regulatory documents and finally, provide any applicable payments (if the licensing fees aren’t totally waived).

As you can see, twofour54 is ideally placed to help you with setting up a small business. You will be in good hands, believe me.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, our support teams will be more than happy to have a chat, expand on any points and even arrange a meeting to help you decide on your next steps.

You can also find out more by visiting our website, or by contacting me directly on +971 50 255 5142 or email