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Ones to watch: Our top 7 PR trends for 2021

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Insights provided by our partner agency, Cosmopole, who specialise in performance-driven communications across digital, PR and social media platforms.

1. Empathise with your audience

For lots of people, the past year or so has been filled with uncertainty, upheavals and difficulties.

Think about the realities facing your target audience, show them you understand, and create honest, real content that they can relate to.


2. Keep it natural

Less is often more when it comes to video content. Why spend hours editing a full production when a quick story can have just as much interest?

24-hour videos might have originated on Snapchat, but they’re now used across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

TikTok, the world’s fastest-growing social media network ever, also provides very accessible and simple ways of editing footage in a way that’s both natural and efficient.


3. Tell it like it really is

With video conferences now the new normal, we’re used to seeing high-powered professionals, politicians and important figures in their homes, looking more casual and feeling more ‘real’ and relatable.

This has transferred into the media world too; we no longer expect everything to be slick, polished and smoothly edited.

Don’t be afraid to show the hidden personality, the off-duty looks, and the relatable side to your brand.


4. Embrace new technologies

We’ve all developed a fresh appreciation for the benefits of communicating in person rather than through a screen, and technology is quickly advancing to ‘humanise’ virtual meetings.

Keep an eye out for new communication tools that are enriched with AR technologies.


5. Keep it short and snappy

Commuting time and lunch breaks spent browsing the web at your desk are now things of the past for many people.

Home working and schooling means we need to change the way we package and serve content. Keep your videos at 60-seconds or less, otherwise you’ll lose your audience’s attention.


6. Encourage scrolling and shopping

First, we had online shopping, now we have social media shopping.

Obviously, you want to place your ads where your audience spends most of it time, and with 121 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the obvious places to tempt in your target audience.

Social media also knows what you like, and the freshly improved in-app purchasing functions makes it easier than ever to use scrolling time as shopping time.


7. Give your leaders a voice

Your audience aren’t just interested in the services you provide. Many people choose who they do business with based on the morals and ethics of the company.

Proactively use social media to give your leaders and influencers a platform where they can express their views, and show how they’re trying to make a difference