What is a backlot? Why our film set studio will help bring your next production to life

twofour54 backlot

A good backlot, or film set studio, is the backbone of a quality film production. However, if you’re new to the media industry, many of you might be rubbing your heads and asking ‘but what is a film set exactly?’ Well don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll run through the different parts that make up a film set, why our own backlot at twofour54 has become so famous, and how we can help you bring your production project huge success.

So firstly, what is a film set studio?

What is a film set or backlot? Well, it’s basically a purpose-built stage set that can be used by multiple production companies as an alternative to working on location.

Backlots let you create scenes that are set in any area of the world, and in all kinds of situations, without having to leave your hometown.

Often built outdoors, backlots are normally created to give the illusion that they cover a large space (like a whole street scene), when in fact, they only take up a few metres.

This impression of space is given using clever building techniques, such as making buildings only partly constructed, either by missing out the roof or one entire wall.

Of course, a film set studio also needs a talented cast to act out the story, and a crew to manage the props and filming.

Thankfully, as well as our own backlot (more on that later), here at twofour54, we also have a vast talent pool of skilled actors and film production specialists, and we’re always happy to facilitate companies with finding the right team for their production.

How can twofour54 help my filming project?

We’re proud to own one of the world’s most famous desert-themed backlots, and it’s been used in a whole host of films that you may have already seen which you can read about below!

Our 300,000 sqm film set studio offers an authentic desert landscape that can easily be adapted to suit a whole range of needs and specifications.

Renting out our backlot allows you to choose from a range of different standing sets, with a wide construction space to use for building props or adding those finishing touches.

Although the natural desert part of the backlot is outdoors, it also comes with additional on-site support facilities such as costume wardrobes, make up and dressing rooms, a canteen and production offices.

Along with renting our backlot, many companies also choose to make the most of the other production services we offer. This ensures that the whole process is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Our extensive list of facilities includes seven studios of different sizes, the UAE’s only Dolby Vision certified post-production facility and a 16-seat screening room, perfect for viewing your finished masterpiece in comfort and style.

We’re also happy to assist with other elements such as location assistance, permits and equipment, accommodation, travel and transportation.

Essentially, we’re here to help you with the whole process, right from the start of the planning process to the final tweaks at the end.

After all, we weren’t named “Post Production House of the Year” by Digital Studio on multiple occasions for nothing… here’s a look at some more of our top-notch production facilities.

Which famous films have been produced with twofour54?

We’re extremely proud that many great films have been produced using our backlot, including several renowned Emirati movies.

For instance, Emirati feature film Ghost was filmed over 30 days using our backlot and at various locations across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Meanwhile, for Bharat, produced by Salman Khan Films and Reel Life Productions, our backlot space was transformed into an Arabian marketplace.

Finally, in Wojooh Moharama, a film that follows the story of three different generations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the backlot played a key role in its success with its fascinating backdrops, with popular Emirati actress Mayssa Maghrebi directing and starring in it.

To find out more, visit our production services page HERE.