twofour54 presents ‘Ishy Bilady’ – A Film For National Day

23 Nov 2013

The film which is rich in contemporary symbolism, tells the story of a nation and will be released in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media and Abu Dhabi Tourism & Cultural Authority on the occasion of National Day

twofour54 in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) and The Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA) presents ‘Ishy Bilady’ – A Film For National Day. The film which is rich in contemporary symbolism tells the story of the UAE and its people. It will be aired for the first time on Abu Dhabi Media Channels on 25 November 2013. twofour54’s creative lab talent has led an Emirati team in producing the film under the creative direction of Ali F. Mostafa.

‘Ishy Bilady’ – A Film For National Day, #Longlivemynation, is edited in time with rousing new music composed for the Emirati national anthem. The two and a half minute film features iconic moments in the lives of the Emirati people, its leaders and those living and working in the UAE. Human themes are embraced: the warmth of Emirati hospitality; the life of a new baby; the pride of the national football team; and the Emirati tradition of diving for pearls. Shots of scientists, the military and the nations’ university students depict the UAE as it is now and hint at how it will continue to thrive in the future.

H.E. Noura Al Kaabi, Chief Executive Officer, twofour54, said:

“This film is our gift to the UAE on its 42nd anniversary and a sign of our pride in our country, honouring the past, present and future of our nation and its people. It is a very special project to us and a great opportunity to showcase the continued growth of the media industry in the UAE and twofour54’s support of young Emiratis. Congratulations to all of the creative lab community members involved in this exciting and prestigious project and also to creative director Ali Mostafa and composer Taha Al Ajami who have been heavily involved and proved to be inspiring role models for our young talent.”

The new music for the national anthem, #Longlivemynation, is being composed under the guidance of Taha Al Ajami of Abu Dhabi-based Pure Sound Studios. Vocals will be led by Emirati singers including Balqees, Mansour Zayed, Faisal Jassem, Arwa Ahmed and creative lab community member Rashid Al Nuaimi.

Ali F. Mostafa’s production company AFM Films, producer of the award winning ‘City of Life’, has given six creative lab community members the opportunity to work on the production. twofour54’s creative lab, is an initiative to support the talent needed for the sustainable growth of the region’s media industry. The six creative lab community members’ roles have ranged from camera work to art direction and they have been mentored by Ali and his team.

Two Emirati interns Alyazia Al Qubaisi and Shrooq Belal Khaleel from Zayed University have designed the logo and brand identity for the project.

Ali Mostafa expressed his excitement for the project, and said:

“It’s been a while since I felt this passionate about a project, and I was very honoured to have been chosen to do this for my country. But what stood out for me the most in the production is that the majority involved in all roles were hardworking UAE nationals. That also made me proud to see where our industry is heading. God bless twofour54 and creative lab.”

Producer Taha Al Ajam stated:

“National Day evokes strong feelings of patriotism for the UAE amongst both Emirati nationals and residents who celebrate the occasion together. This passion, together with the unique story about the birth of a country and its aspirations for the future, provided rich inspiration for the music. I hope all of our vocalists and musicians have enjoyed working on the project as much as I have. It has been a real honour to compose the music for such an important film.”

Creative lab community members involved throughout the project include: Hana Al Al Zarooni (directing unit); Maryam Khanji (behind the scenes producer); Abdelrahman Al Madani (directing unit); Shaima AlAmmari (wardrobe); Waheeda Al Hadhrami (casting); Mohammed Khouri (photography).

Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) is the official media partner for the project and the film will premiere exclusively on ADM channels on 25th November. The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA) is the promotional partner of the project and will showcase the film through its national, regional and international marketing channels. You can share the celebration for the national day using #Longlivemynation.

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