twofour54 partners with the Arab world’s premium video-on-demand portals Istikana and Cinemoz reflecting the growing demand for quality Arabic content

23 Dec 2013

Films supported through twofour54’s creative lab will also be aired on Etihad Airways’ in-flight entertainment channel

twofour54 has entered into partnerships with two of the Arab world’s leading video-on-demand platforms, Istikana and Cinemoz. The partnerships will see eight films supported through twofour54 creative lab debut on these portals which each share twofour54’s mission to build on the volume and accessibility of world-class Arabic content online. twofour54 creative lab is an initiative that supports the talent needed for the sustainable growth of the region’s media industry.

Separately, nine films supported through twofour54 creative lab will be aired on Etihad Airways in-flight entertainment channel reaching its international audience of passengers. The partnerships represent a key commercial step for the emerging filmmaking talent that created the films. They also demonstrate the high demand for Arabic content produced in the region.

Istikana and Cinemoz offer Arabic speaking viewers around the world access to high-quality entertainment in their own language. They provide films, series, documentaries and shorts generally free of charge. Both platforms also interact with their communities through the full integration of social media.

Maryam Al Mheiri, Chief Operating Officer, twofour54, said:

Premium video-on-demand channels are a great way to reach out to new and existing audiences.  The partnerships with Istikana and Cinemoz are very exciting for the emerging filmmakers we support as they will generate greater exposure for their work. It is also an important step towards commercial success. I therefore would urge all young filmmakers to upload their films to leverage these important platforms. In today’s digital age there’s no better way to get an audience for your work.


Speaking about the nine films on Etihad Airways, Maryam, continued:

“Through our national airline Etihad Airways, twofour54 and its film talent is reaching the broadest possible audience of people who are keen to learn more about our region. The opportunity to showcase our work to these viewers is a valuable way to demonstrate just how much our region’s film industry is growing.

Karim Safieddine, Founder and Head of Acquisitions, Cinemoze, said:

“Our exciting partnership with twofour54 is hard proof of the refreshing prospects that the Middle East and North Africa region’s entertainment industry has to offer.  As of December 2013, a diverse selection of Emirati shorts will be available for worldwide streaming, gaining exposure and remunerating its creators.  It is thrilling to witness the full virtuous cycle, covering inception, production, distribution and monetization, blossoming from the digital space.

Samer Abdin, Co-Founder, Istikana, said:

“We are very excited to start this content partnership with twofour54 – a leading generator of the region’s greatest talent, and we are very pleased that these talents can showcase their great content on the Istikana platform.

The new platforms made available to emerging filmmakers through twofour54 creative lab’s own digital channels, Istikana, Cinemoz and Etihad follow awards and acclaim for numerous projects, at some of the most highly regarded regional and international film festivals in the world.

The films currently appearing on Istikana and Cinemoz and on Etihad in-flight services are as follows:

Istikana (indie section) / cinemoz (short film section)

Ghafat Osha directed by Hana Al Zarooni
Emirati Expressions directed by Fatima Al Yousif
C’est La Vie directed by Iyad Mokayed
The Blob directed by Talal Al Ansari
Waiting directed by Hana Al Shateri
Smaller than the Sky directed by Abdulla Ahmad Hassan
The Long Way Down directed by Yasser Howaidy
Tanjara directed by Isam Ureqiat

Etihad inflight 

The Pillars directed by Mustafa Zakaria
Five Pounds directed by Mohamed Adeeb
Soul directed by Fatima Abdulla
Waiting directed by Hana Al Shateri
The Long Way Down directed by Yasser Howaidy
Ghafat Osha directed by Hana Al Zarooni
Smaller than the Sky directed by Abdulla Ahmad Hassan
Ostora directed by Hani Kichi
Visa Run directed by Moneer Barakat

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