Flagship twofour54 partner Ubisoft® releases its first mobile game developed in Abu Dhabi

18 Jun 2014

CSI: Hidden Crimes™ was released on May 1st and Reached Top 5 Most Downloaded Game in the App Store in more than 100 Countries

twofour54, the commercial arm of Media Zone Authority is proud to announce that one of its key partners, Ubisoft, has released CSI: Hidden Crimes, the first mobile game developed in Abu Dhabi and aimed to appeal to a global audience.

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a case-solving hidden object game set in the world of CBS Television’s hit TV show CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and can be played for free on smartphones and tablets. Players can take on the role of detectives fighting crime in Las Vegas. The game has ten episodes available and is a top ranking game in several countries

“The development of this game in Abu Dhabi by Ubisoft has leveraged locally based talent which is another example of a high-profile success within twofour54,” said Noura Al Kaabi, the Chief Executive Officer of twofour54. “This achievement will cement our status as an emerging gaming hub, demonstrating our success in developing young creative minds for a career in animation and game development.”

Three members of the team that developed CSI: Hidden Crimes are twofour54 Gaming Academy graduates, who have since joined Ubisoft Abu Dhabi as full-time team members after successfully completing internships with the company. twofour54 creative community enjoys the best training, guidance, finance, and benefits from the media zone’s industry-leading network of partners. With gaming software sales forecast to triple to more than $111 billion within the next two years[1], it makes for an opportune time to deliver the Abu Dhabi-developed Ubisoft game to the world, shining a spotlight on the region while also creating a future for gaming careers as the Ubisoft team grows at an increasing pace. The Ubisoft team is more than 35 people strong, with plans to grow to more than 100 in the next three to five years.

“Since coming to Abu Dhabi, we have enjoyed the benefits of twofour54’s collaborative community as well as fantastic support from the media zone. Our partnership with twofour54 has given us the possibility to create this original game, which features one of the world’s most popular television programmes and will appeal to gamers all over the world,” said Yannick Theler, Managing Director at Ubisoft Abu Dhabi.

CSI: Hidden Crimes reached the number one position in the App Store’s Most Downloaded Game section in more than 35 countries since its launch, in addition to great results in the Play Store, and recently launched in the Amazon Appstore. It is a wonderful adventure for our young studio, fueled by a passionate team” continued Theler.

Two of twofour54’s flagship partners are Ubisoft and Cartoon Network. Both partners have established offices in the campus alongside dedicated academies in animation and game development. The video game market in the Middle East and North Africa is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, earning more than $100 million in revenue from online gaming alone.[2]

CSI: Hidden Crimes is available now to download for free on the App Store, the Google Play Store & the Amazon Appstore with the option of playing with friends via Facebook Connect.

Download the game:
Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/PlayCSIHC
Google Play: http://bit.ly/CSIHCggp
Amazon Appstore: http://bit.ly/CSIHCamz
Ubisoft Appstore: www.appstore.com/ubisoft

For more information about CSI: Hidden Crimes, including upcoming episode delivery, please see:https://www.facebook.com/csihiddencrimes

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