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Abu Dhabi among Top Filming Destinations

26 Oct 2014

Abu Dhabi has been named the only Middle Eastern city alongside a list of countries like Australia, Canada, and Germany on the list of top international locations for film production

Abu Dhabi has been named the only Middle Eastern city alongside a list of countries like Australia, Canada, and Germany on the list of top international locations for film production in the latest issue of online magazine, P3 Update.

The Hollywood-based digital publication cites vibrant locations inspired by its Arab heritage and year-round sunny blue skies that make Abu Dhabi “like no place on Earth”, as key attractions to the Emirate. Moreover, producers are enticed by Abu Dhabi Film Commission’s 30% production rebate which comes without a funding cap and covers all qualifying spend. More advantages to choosing Abu Dhabi as the preferred filming location include free scouting assistance and zero percent tax.

Further testament to Abu Dhabi’s growing international reputation was received from major film and entertainment website, The Hollywood Reporter, in an article titled “The ‘Star Wars’ Effect: Why Hollywood Is Hot on Abu Dhabi”.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Abu Dhabi is “poised to become Hollywood’s go-to locale in the Middle East”, name-checking the franchise production of Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII and Universal’s Fast and Furious 7 that recently capitalised on the city’s outstanding filming locations and twofour54’s world-class production facilities.

Noura Al Kaabi, Chief Executive Officer of twofour54, said: “Being named among the top international locations for film production by one of the leading online media and entertainment publications is a welcome reflection of our mission to provide exceptional production services for local and international filmmakers. Interestingly, Abu Dhabi was the only city to be listed, alongside nine countries, which only proves Abu Dhabi’s unique position within the UAE and the region.”

Al Kaabi continued: “In addition to Abu Dhabi’s phenomenal natural landscape, twofour54 provides a comprehensive infrastructure that combines high-end services with top notch facilities. twofour54 intaj offers the finest HD studios, production and post-production services, as well as unique one-stop-shop play-out and broadcast centres. Our business support partner, twofour54 tawasol, facilitates doing business in Abu Dhabi such as liaising with government authorities and ministries so that producers can focus their energy on maximising their creative potential. We are diligently working towards gaining more international interest and we look forward to welcoming local, regional, and international producers to our beloved city.”

twofour54 intaj has provided cutting-edge end-to-end production solutions for major productions such as “Star Wars: Episode 7”, Fast and Furious 7”, Syrian TV drama “Al Ikhwa”, and Bollywood’s blockbusters “Bang Bang” and “Baby”.

The attention received from P3 Update magazine and the Hollywood Reporter comes as Abu Dhabi plays host to the international film industry at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, taking place from 23 October to 1 November.

P3 Update is a one-of-a-kind digital publication covering everything preproduction, production, and postproduction. It provides diverse industry content to film and television professionals worldwide.

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