Fast and Furious 7 smashes box office records on its opening weekend

06 Apr 2015

twofour54 speaks to FF7 stars on the red carpet at the film’s premiere

Fast and Furious 7, which was partly filmed in Abu Dhabi, has smashed box office records following its opening weekend in cinemas worldwide.

The film is the biggest April opening in Hollywood history, and the biggest opening weekend since November 2013. Globally the film took $384 million at the box office, making it the fourth-biggest worldwide debut of all-time. Fast and Furious 7 also took the number one position in all 63 international markets and delivered the franchise’s best ever opening, beating all six previous films.

Not only have millions of viewers across the world now seen Abu Dhabi on the big screen, the stars of the film have also shared their affection for the Emirate while on the red carpet of the premiere.

Speaking to twofour54 on the night of the premiere, James Wan, director of Fast and Furious 7 said: “Abu Dhabi was such an amazing experience, not only does it have the many interesting looking locales and the beautiful city and desert but the people there are so friendly and giving, and that’s what made the shoot over there that much more incredible.”

Actor Tyrese Gibson added: “The energy throughout the whole UAE and Abu Dhabi, it’s a feeling of…so genuinely being welcomed and they went above and beyond to make us all feel at home…it is our great honour to live up to what the Fast and Furious is all about. It is an all-inclusive multi-ethnic, multi-religious experience and it is a great honour to include the UAE.”

Based on its phenomenal opening weekend, industry analysts are predicting that Fast and Furious 7 could surpass the $1billion mark in ticket sales worldwide over the course of its run in cinemas.

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