twofour54 and Saudi Broadcasting Corporation organise ‘talk show’ training in Abu Dhabi

24 May 2015

Training cycle conducted according to the latest global standards

A specialised training course in “talk show” skills was organised and conducted last week by twofour54 to delegates of the Media Training Center of the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). The session was held in twofour54’s studios in Abu Dhabi to refine and develop the delegates’ skills to create new and dynamic talk shows in the region.

The training session came as part of the recent signing of the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation Memorandum of Understanding with twofour54. The MoU will benefit the employees of SBC by offering training courses in different areas including TV live directing, TV news reporting, radio programming and news production. The courses are developed and executed by twofour54’s professional training department.

The training is consistent with the objectives of twofour54 in developing the media skills of talented Arabs by harnessing all their potential and experience with the latest training methods. This is all in efforts to improve the media industry in the region.

Majid Bin Jaafar Al Ghamdi Director of the Saudi Broadcasting Media Training Centre said: “Talk shows are extremely important in contributing to the enrichment of the social, political, economic and religious issues and debates. We chose to conduct this course for the improvement and development of our media professionals which will in turn create anchors and presenters who can lead a productive dialogue.”

Al Ghamdi added: “The training was carried out at twofour54’s studios to enable us to facilitate the proper television dialogue and how it is conducted in practical and scientific methods. The skills gained by the delegates during this training program will hone their skills in talk shows, and deepen their experience and refine their professionalism.”

Khalid Abdulrahman Al Hashimi, Head of Business Development & Operations, twofour54 said: “We are pleased to work with the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation to help develop the media industry and boost the skills and knowledge of all media professionals in this sector.”

Al Hashimi also added: “The presence of SBC delegates in Abu Dhabi allowed them to take advantage of the facilities, studios and modern professional tools provided by twofour54. They have also had the opportunity to engage with other professionals and experts in this area, who helped them identify the different aspects of the profession and develop the skills they would need to acquire for their work in the future.”

The Saudi Broadcasting Media Training Center for radio and television, was opened five months ago, and organizes a series of specialized media information sessions, and plans to train more than 260 employees of the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation during the first six months. The training will be carried out according to international quality standards followed in media training centers globally.

twofour54’s professional training department is the region’s foremost media training academy, which provides world-class courses across diverse media sectors. It has so far equipped more than 7,000 professionals with the necessary skills to take up positions in state sponsored broadcasting companies as well as government entities in the wider MENA region.

twofour54’s training methods focus on equipping delegates with international-standard media skills. Their tailored training solutions are delivered in Arabic and English and designed by experienced instructors from internationally respected media organisations.

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