The Brothers

The drama series is called "The Brothers" which is a Syrian Arab Gulf drama series with a Turkish flavour. It is composed of 100 episodes produced by Clacket Media FZ LLC, which is a Syrian Arab leading production company working through four offices all over the Arab World located in Cairo, Damascus, Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

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Welada Men Al Kasera

Welada Men Al Kasera – Manbar Al Mawta directed by Saif Al-subai'i and produced Claket is a drama series aired on Abu Dhabi TV, LBC and Al Somarya Channel during Ramadan 2013, and stars notable actors including Kousi Khouli, Basem Yakour, Mona Wasef, Abed Fahed, Abd Al Hakeem Qtefan, Waffa Moselly, Shokran Mortaja and Mohammed Hadaqee.

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Sana3ood Ba3ad Qalel

Sana3ood Ba3ad Qalel directed by Al Laith Hajo and produced Claket is aired on MBC, LBCI, LDC, Algeria, Al Rasheed Channel and Infinity during Ramadan 2013 , and stars notable actors including Duraid Laham, Kousi Khouli, Basel Khayat, Nadin Al Rasi, Abed Fahed, Solafa Meemar and Karmen Lobos.

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