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twofour54 is pleased to announce that we have streamlined our supplier registration process to enhance user experience. Supplier Portal will provide real time answers to enquiries about supplier registration, request for quotations, purchase orders, received and returned items, invoices and payments. Companies in the Emirates can easily register themselves as a twofour54-certified and approved supplier through the platform. Upon registration, they may be contacted based on business needs and requirements at twofour54 and will be able to conveniently access information related to invoices and orders, financial transactions, performance evaluation, and data management.

how to register

Become a twofour54 registered vendor; receive RFQs and RFPs that will allow you to demonstrate your abilities and support us with a wide range of projects and tenders.

Please click the button below to access our Supplier Portal Supplier Registration, Once your registration is complete, you will receive twofour54 Login ID and password to access your account for procurement and payment-related activities.

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register in 3 simple steps:

Supplier request

Supplier qualification


Supplier portal user manual


Supplier registration user manual


Response to RFQ/RFP user manual


Supplier portal registration link


frequently asked questions

The Oracle Supplier Portal is a cloud-based tool that allows you to access and interact with twofour54. The Portal is a platform for suppliers to create and transmit invoices electronically, view the payment status, and communicate with twofour54.

As part of twofour54 digital transformation, we are implementing a Procure-to-Order tool for improving and harmonising our direct procurement/indirect procurement activities. We have selected Oracle Fusion to implement an efficient, easy-to-use cloud-based solution as our primary supplier collaboration system for purchase orders and invoice management.

Suppliers should register to participate in twofour54 procurement events; RFQs, RFPs and RFIs.

twofour54 status updates and notifications will be sent to the primary contact / official registered email used at the time of registration. Suppliers can update their primary contact person and other designated users’ roles via Supplier Portal.

If you are unable to find the answer in the Supplier Portal user manual; Oracle Fusion transition support team (Procurement) will help you get your transactions on the Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal. Contact your twofour54 buyer or

As an approved supplier on the Portal, you will be able to:

  • Receive electronic purchase order notifications and other documents
  • Convert purchase orders into invoices
  • Propose changes to PO’s
  • Upload your quotations
  • Track your invoice payment status
  • Reduction of paperwork and improved visibility of all your purchase orders and invoices on the electronic platform
  • Electronic submission of invoices providing more reliability and speed in payments
  • Update and maintain your supplier profile, business and contact info.

You will be able to register from 22nd January 2023, our go live date. On this date you will receive an email from an Oracle address, containing a link to our Supplier Portal. There is no deadline, but you are encouraged to register immediately so that you can take advantage of the Portal benefits from day one.

You will be able to register from 22nd January 2023, our go-live date. On this date you will receive an email from an Oracle email address, containing the link to our Supplier Portal. There is no deadline, but you are encouraged to register immediately so that you can take advantage of the Portal benefits from day one.

You will receive an initial registration e-mail containing your username and password as well as a link that will allow you to access the Supplier Portal. To log in to Supplier Portal for the first time, either click on the link or copy the link’s URL (web address), paste it into your browser. Please log in using the username and password contained in your registration email. You will be prompted to change your password from the system generated password that you received. You must reset your password to ensure maximum account security.

No, every supplier must register themselves on the Supplier Portal. This is done in a few clicks. After you are successfully registered, please keep your personal log in details.

Yes, if you are a prospective supplier; not yet active with us, this step is required initially. You will receive an email from your buyer. To respond you must log in to the system. This prospective account is not the same as an Spend Authorised Account.

Becoming a Spend Authorised Supplier requires a more complete level of information about the supplier and is subject to approval by the Procurement Manager. Once the supplier is approved for spend operations, they have access to all the normal capabilities of the application.

Oracle Fusion is a cloud-based solution, so you do not need any special equipment. You will need a laptop or desktop computer, internet access, and an up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Edge) to use the Supplier Portal. You will also need a valid e-mail address to receive notifications.

To change company details, navigate to Manage Profile in the Supplier Portal and update your details (Tax identifiers, Addresses, Contacts, Business classifications, Products & Services).

You can update or add additional contacts in the Supplier Portal. To do this:

  • Navigate to Manage Profile
  • Click Edit
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new contact
  • Add a user account
  • Populate details and save

You will then need to assign the new contacts the correct roles when adding a user account. The name and description of each role will be seen when adding a new contact. Delete any roles that are not relevant to the new contact.

You will need to submit a request to change your bank details via the portal. We audit any bank account detail change request rigorously, to determine the request is valid before approving it and making changes within our system.



No, unless there is a legal requirement in place in your country (out of UAE), a hard copy document must be sent additionally to the electronic document.

To process invoices please submit on the Supplier Portal.

Once your invoices are sent to be processed, you can follow up the status of the invoices, the payments date, etc, through the Supplier Portal.

Please submit PDF format invoices.

We do not expect any disruptions to our suppliers’ business, and we will do everything to ensure a transition as smooth as possible. During the transition vendors might experience slightly longer processing times. In urgent cases, our partners should call their main contact person. Please note that payments will be depending also on the receipt of correct and valid invoices according to our new procedures.

To be paid on time, please follow twofour54’s golden rules, our golden rules are the minimum requirements for invoices you submit:

  • Full legal name of the supplier
  • Full legal address of the supplier
  • VAT registration number of the supplier
  • Full legal name of the Procurement Entity
  • Full legal address of the Procurement Entity (twofour54)
  • VAT registration number of the Procurement Entity (twofour54)
  • Date of issue of invoice
  • Date of delivery/services/prepayment (if blank we will assume it is the same as invoice date)
  • PO number
  • Invoice number
  • Tax invoice number
  • Quantity/nature of the goods/services
  • Net amount per VAT rate
  • Unit price
  • VAT rate
  • VAT amount
  • Any discounts or rebates if they are not included in the unit price.
  • Credit note (Corrective invoices) must have a reference to number (s) and date (S) to previous invoice that required correction.
  • TAX credit note