Clouds Media Group

Clouds Media Group

CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP, also known as ‘The People’s Station’,  is a multi-national multimedia conglomerate company considered as one of East & Central Africa’s most respected media houses. They are annually recognized as one of the regions premier Superbrands.

Currently, they are celebrating over 15 years in the entertainment business in Africa. It is considered as a media powerhouse whose repertoire spans TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Event Management, Public Relations and Corporate communications platforms.

CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP portfolio includes:

  • 3 Radio Stations
  • 9 TV Stations
  • A 50-Channel Cable/ TV Network
  • East & Central Africa’s Largest OTT Platform
  • East & Central Africa’s largest Event Marketing Firm

CLOUDS has expanded to the Middle East, not only to cater to the growing African diaspora but to showcase Africa’s potential, resources, diversity, beauty, growth and spirit.

The company is seeking to reveal the true face of Africa and why the world’s trends continue to be inspired by this continent’s diverse cultures.

Building 2, Second floor

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