Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation

Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation

Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation FZ.LLC is a Media Conglomerate incorporated under the licensing of Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi. It is headquartered in twofour54 Abu Dhabi. Its core activities include Radio Broadcasting, Print and Publishing, Television production, Digital Media activities, Events & Exhibitions, Song & Drama, Production and Distribution of Films.

Our prime activity is Radio Broadcasting. Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM will be the world’s first Malayalam digital radio (DRM) and the first digital radio in the Middle East. It aims to reach around 2.43 millions of Malayalee listeners in and around the GCC nations, offering greater breadth and depth of high-quality programmes which include music, discussions, news, current affairs and entertainment than any other network.

Gulf Malayalam Biweekly will be a real life magazine for Gulf Malayalee to be circulated in all the GCC countries and India.

Gulf Malayalam TV will target the production of television programmes for various television channels. Our programmes will include reality shows for gulf talents, documentaries, quiz programmes, composite programmes, serials, telefilms, talk shows, interviews and so on.

Our Digital Media Division proposes a number of endeavours exploiting the scope of the digital platforms such as online business directories, web radio installations for various organizations and web magazines.

Events and Exhibitions Division produces major events and festive shows in all the GCC countries as well as in India.

Our Song and Drama Division is focused on the promotion of traditional media of live and face-to-face performance before audience. We have taken this initiative to encourage performing arts like drama, folk and traditional plays, dance-drama, folk recitals and puppet shows. We will carry out the production of Music CDs and high quality audio and video albums also.

Films Division will focus on the end to end production of commercial feature films. The production of commercial feature films is intended to entertain and enlighten the people bringing out the issues that concern them the most.

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