Sport360° is a daily sports newspaper which offers, for the first time ever, comprehensive sports coverage in the United Arab Emirates with standards of excellence on par with the aspirations of the nation. It is published by Gulf Sports Media, an Abu Dhabi based media company which also produces a website,

Sport360°’s goal is to be an effective tool in helping the United Arab Emirates achieve its ambition of becoming an international sports hub, by providing a unique platform through which organizers will have a dedicated communication channel with their core audience, and by enhancing the communication between the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the sporting world.

Having forged strategic partnerships with some of the leading sport media companies from around the globe, Sport360° offers in-depth coverage, stunning photography, innovative design, professional analysis and compelling reporting by renowned regional and international columnists, making it a must-have for all sport enthusiasts.

Sport360° provides the very latest news from around the globe on all major sports events: from the cricket fields to the football pitches, from the horseracing tracks to the Formula 1 circuits and from the tennis courts to the golf courses.

Sport360° will also capitalise on the digital revolution, with its interactive web portal that disseminates invaluable information, including live results and statistics on all international and regional major sporting events.

Sport360°’s website is a doorway to user engagement and debate, and enables all sport enthusiasts to share their passion, photos, videos and opinions with the Sport 360 team, and to find each other through sport.