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Trending Content Solutions

Trending Content Solutions

We are Trending Studio, an initiative by the founders of Yam Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a boutique branding, design & digital agency located in heart of Global Trending Business District having a presence not only in India but in the USA and spreading across GCC(Gulf/Middle-East).

Founded by an International brand specialist, Ex IBMer, Ex-Facebook in late 2011 & was established to deliver international best practices within branding for Start-ups looking to break into the market or the already established brand needing to refashion its brand image; but for a more competitive rate and a best quality service. We offer Start-ups, Products, and Companies various branding services, from competitor brand audits and brand positioning to developing a brand identity and communication touch-points.

We don’t push pixels around but create well thought-out creative, based upon our brand wisdom for passionate entrepreneurs who trust our expertise. We believe in an individualistic approach and we tailor the branding program to our clients’ needs; hence we create an exciting and educational experience to make sure we reach the most positive and efficient results overall.

Although you may think we just work in INDIA, we attract clients from across the globe from Dallas to Cebu we have helped empower businesses and revitalized existing brands.