Family and Dependent Sponsorship

twofour54 government and travel services can make the complex processes involved in sponsoring your spouse, children, parents or dependents such as maid, drive to live with you much easier.

We can help you with family sponsorship (spouse and/or children), housemaid / driver sponsorship and also renewals and cancellations of these sponsorships.

After you have received your residence permit you will be able sponsor your family but keep in mind that there are some restrictions apply:

Sponsoring sons over 18 years of age

Parents cannot sponsor their sons who are 18 years and above unless they are registered in fulltime education in the UAE. In this instance, a deposit of AED 5,010 should be made to Immigration and the visa should be renewed annually.

Sponsoring your parents

To sponsor your parents, we will submit your application to the special case committee at Immigration for review.

Female sponsors

Some restrictions may apply for female sponsors. These may include job title and salary.

Maid / Nanny sponsorship

Bachelors are not able to sponsor a maid. Women with children who don’t have a husband in the UAE might be able to sponsor a maid or nanny.