افلام الطايا

افلام الطايا

Al Tayya Films is a production house which specializes in the production of movies and television dramas. The company aims to make its name in the arena of Middle Eastern media by producing high quality movies and dramas that will capture the interest of viewers and left their mark in the Arabic drama industry.

The company is a creative-services provider that specializes in the production of video content for both individual customers as well as for our corporate clients.

The company makes use of the most advanced audio/video technology to produce cost-efficient promotional, instructional, and original video content.

The management of Al Tayya has identified several gaps in the industry. There is a major gap in the Middle Eastern film and drama industry in terms of production quality which the company wishes to fulfill through its experienced team and effective use of latest equipment to bring the Middle Eastern media industry at par with the global giants.

المبنى 5, الطابق الرابع

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