Arabic Film Production

Arabic Film Production

We were founded in order to offer works of high artistic value, trying to live up to the humanitarian sense and to dedicate to noble values system that exhort to the right, the good values, and the beauty with a vision that committed to the issues of our community and attempting to put the clear questions about all social and psychological phenomena that our community suffer from, believing in our roles as innovators to initiate a diversified production that presents authentic art in a contemporary spirit and provides all the technical elements and the physical possibilities to complement the success factors of the artistic product presented through our comprehensive annual production plan.

The Company’s scope of work is:
Production and distribution of films, television, plays, radio and television series, television commercials, documentaries, digital media, montage, and all artworks (Filming, sound, dubbing, mixage, montage, negatives, and color correction).

The company decided to start a new business from the beginning of 2019 with annual plans based on high quality production and support for new faces in all fields, and this is coming after careful study of Arab market.

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