Eagle Films Media Production

Eagle Films Media Production

Eagle Films Production
Our Arabic entertainment division is behind the production of the highest-rated Khaliji, Egyptian, and Pan-Arab TV series, with the strongest Television Rating Point (TRP) on different channels in the MENA region. Our series have repeatedly won Best Ramadan Series Awards, Best Production Awards, and many others. Our multiple in-house production hub locations across the MENA are equipped with a state-of-art latest technology that meets international production standards. Our Production team is built with industry know-how, obtained through constant collaboration across the industry, TV channels partners, and Production and entertainment bodies.

Eagle’s Vision
Our vision is to broaden our horizons as a globally recognized motion-picture enterprise and trailblazer in the new digital entertainment space. We have perched the ideal position to become an international distributor and state-of-the-art producer with global visibility.

Eagle’s Mission
Building on our market-specific insights, solid partnerships, and dedication to quality, Eagle Films is determined to set new standards in the entertainment industry by providing our regional audience with suitable & specific content.

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