Haykal Media

Haykal Media

Haykal Media was founded in 2004, and it offers quality content to readers and creative media products to advertisers.  It’s mainly involved in publishing of magazines, digital media, and mobile media across several interests and disciplines.

Haykal Media’s flagship product is Aliqtisadi.com, an online network of business news and information portals in the Arab world.  Aliqtisadi.com publishes five country websites including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, and plans to cover more Arab countries in the coming months.  Aliqtisadi started as a printed magazine in Syria, and has become a market leader since then. It’s the only magazine that still appears in the country.  The Syrian version of Aliqtisadi.com is one of the top 3 Syrian news websites in terms of traffic.

Due to its long track record as a publisher and content creator and marketer, Haykal Media gathers some of the top regional talents in the field.  The pool of experience and expertise enables Haykal Media to offer other traditional-media and digital-media services with impeccable delivery, including: custom magazine, online content creation, interface design, web publishing, content marketing, press services, and media advisory.

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