M for Media

M for Media

We are a Media production house that produces TV shows and adapt international formats for the GCC and Mena region, offering our clients the ability to develop their own concepts into full-fledged productions, or choose from the wide array of original formats created by our Concept Development Department to suit regional audiences and cultures, tailoring their successful formulas to local tastes and interests.

Production is only the beginning of our work at M For Media, as we offer unparalleled technology and talented team of professionals that can take your work from raw footage to a streamlined television commercial, video clip, program, animation or movie.

Our complete post-production services and facilities are tailored to all types of productions. We also have workstations and a character studio for high-end 3D animation, modelling solutions and Augmented reality technologies with high-speed operation in addition to virtual and Chroma studio, bringing any setting from fantasy into reality. With our talented team of graphic artists and animators, your ideal setting comes to life in the studio. The digital artists, create and transmits the ultimate in virtual sets AR, and Holograms.

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