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Web Katalyst

Web Katalyst

With the digitalization of every day’s life, websites became the new home of any business. They represent a platform where companies reveal their identities and present their product and services. But most importantly, today, websites reflect the credibility of a brand in the local market.

Aware of the importance of websites for the long-term success of any business, WebKatalyst aims to develop custom designed showcase and e-commerce websites.

Our approach is to work not only with large business but also to help small businesses establish their online presence. We also aim to provide maintenance and performance optimization for already developed websites.

Among the services that WebKatalyst will provide:

  • Domain name acquisition and website hosting
  • Template-based or custom designed websites (WordPress, Drupal…)
  • E-commerce and online payment methods implementation (Prestashop, Magento …)
  • Import of existing content
  • Search Engine Optimization and advanced analytics follow-up

Webkatalyst intend to provide very personalized service by being the link between the clients’ expectation and the users’ perception of a website.