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tview launches “Your Vision for Television” campaign

15 Apr 2015

tview launches “Your Vision for Television” campaign

UAE public invited to take part in TV audience research and panels to support better programs and advertising

tview, the UAE’s national TV audience measurement system, launched its own advertising campaign across the country this month. The aim is to increase public awareness of the ‘tview’ project which is run by Emirates Media Measurement Company (EMMC). It uses electronic measurement devices in a sample of homes around the UAE to measure TV viewing and behaviour.

H.E. Noura Al Kaabi, Chair of EMMC and CEO of twofour54 said: “Open and transparent audience measurement is essential to the growth of a healthy media, which is why leading industry players have supported this project under the guidance of the National Media Council.

“Despite the growth of internet and other entertainment services television around the world remains hugely popular and commercially successful. It is important for both the media industry and the audiences we serve that we have better information and make better decisions to ensure that the UAE and this region shares in that success.”

The people meter system used by tview is an industry standard around the world but the UAE’s system is the first of its kind in the region. Extensive research and cooperation from the public is needed in randomly selected surveys and panels to ensure the information is accurate and impartial.

Audience data, or ratings, are essential for broadcasters to understand which programmes attract the most viewers at specific times or to allow the stations to understand why programming doesn’t suit its allocated time slot, the data and ratings also allow advertisers to accurately place their commercials at the right time and to the correct target audience efficiently.

EMMC General Manager Christopher O’Hearn said: “The theme of the campaign is ‘Your Vision for Television’. We are saying to the people of the UAE that by responding to our surveys or taking part in our panel they can have a voice in making better programs and advertising.

“Because we randomly select and contact viewers they may be unaware of what we do and of the national importance of this information, so we hope to encourage more responses and better participation.”

The tview campaign begins on television, radio and later print and outdoor for the next six months to support research and recruitment as the system prepares for a third annual external quality audit.

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