twofour54 offers extensive production facilities with year-round access. We own studios, a 300,000 sqm Backlot and work with the UAE’s only Dolby Vision certified Post production facility.


Our purpose built studio facility comprises 7 broadcast studios each with a full production gallery, green room and dedicated make-up and dressing rooms. Our studios are fully supported by our highly skilled in-house technical and operational team. All studios are fully soundproofed with full saturation lighting rigs, soft ‘cycs’ and 4×4 metre ‘elephant doors’ allowing full drive-in access.


For more information download our studio specs

virtual solutions

In partnership with the Canadian media firm Ross Video, our virtual solutions include Virtual Studios, Virtual Production services, and Extended Reality features. Featuring the latest 3D graphics and augmented reality (AR) technologies, it the first facility of its kind in the Middle East.

  • Unlimited possibilities with interactive virtual production sets
  • Maximize indoor productions by creating 3D-worlds and contexts in real-time
  • Reduce cost & save time to expedite production

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Our 300,000 sqm Backlot offers a range of standing sets, construction space and desert landscape that can be adapted to suit your production. On-site support facilities include:

  • Costume
  • Make-up and dressing rooms
  • A large canteen
  • And purpose-built production offices

screening room

The 39 seat screening room located within the Community Hub provides a UHD/4K projection with a cinema screen and 5.1 Dolby Cinema Surround audio ensuring you and your guests all have the best cinema experience.