The Abu Dhabi Film Commission offers a generous 30% cashback rebate on production spend in Abu Dhabi – the only one of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

Eligible productions will receive a 30% cashback rebate on Abu Dhabi qualifying expenditure. The rebate is applicable to feature films, television dramas (including Series), commercials, music videos, other television formats, such as lifestyle and entertainment programmes, post-production, digital content services and visual effects (PDV) services. Producers of short-form productions, such as television commercials (TVCs) have an express rebate.

Abu Dhabi has everything you need for your production:

  • 30% cashback rebate and express rebate on Abu Dhabi qualifying production spend
  • Scouting assistance across a diverse range of unique locations including stunning coastline, wild desert, green oasis and iconic architecture.
  • Experienced production, creative and technical crew and a wide range of facilities and suppliers
  • Year-round sunshine and blue sky
  • First World infrastructure, roads, health & safety and healthcare
  • First class Hotels and Global Cuisine
  • Well located in the middle of the World with flight connections across all continents
  • Stable environment and economy
  • Government support for Film & TV – making the impossible possible
  • Film friendly, co-operative and welcoming

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