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Chair Global

Chair Global is an international communications agency that specializes in international outreach consulting, visual storytelling, media production, and training services.

Today’s world is more connected than ever, with bridges of economic trade extending from one continent to the other. But to connect businesses with Global citizens, we need more than that. We need bridges of communication and cross-cultural understandings.


Multimedia production

We master production and practice precision
As media production connoisseurs, we take pride in producing bespoke, high quality visual stories. All of our videos are customized to reflect your business, in the format that best delivers your message. We work with the best creative directors to produce digital & social media videos. And for corporate videos and documentaries, we always collaborate with specialized movie directors.

Consulting & Crisis Management
We share knowledge & find solutions
Our media workshops help you represent your organization, communicate your messages, and manage interviews and media appearances.

Designed for maximum impact and personalized for individual needs, the workshops will develop and hone your communication skills through best practice guidance and hands-on training. Specific programs are available for C-level executives, government officials, company staff.

Event content and moderation
Our team of experts will manage your company reputation during crises and work closely with your team to provide tools and solutions.
We strategize creativity and tell engaging stories
We strategize creativity to humanize businesses and incentivize reactions.
Our team of brand journalists and visual narrators follow an innovative approach to promote your brand and turn your idea or event into an engaging story. They will find a human-centric angle, craft the perfect narrative, and bring your story to life with words and visuals.