Filmworks Productions

Filmworks Productions

Welcome to Filmworks, one of the longest-standing film production service companies in the region, and the first to service Hollywood feature films.

We’ve steadily built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality projects from complex mega-productions to on-demand social content and everything in between since 1998.

At Filmworks, we’re fuelled by our passion to bring our clients’ projects to life in a way that will make both them and us proud. Over the years, Filmworks has become synonymous with reliability, professionalism, quality, ethics, and high client satisfaction; we know this not just because our clients tell us, but because they keep returning to us again and again.

And while our status in the region is one we are immensely proud of, our reach extends far beyond – our international partners allow us to be flexible and agile while maintaining our high production standards. From across the USA to Europe, Asia to the Middle East and Africa, we are well equipped to provide solutions across all markets.

Building 5, Sixth floor

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